Certified Medical Assistants and What They Do

What Are Certified Medical Assistants?

Certified Medical Assistants are a paragon of excellence when it comes to medical assistants. This is because they have obtained the highest levels of certification from the American Association of Medical assistants. Though many people work as medical assistants without this certification, certification is a mark of distinction that shows employers, physicians, and patients a certain degree of excellence. Being a certified medical assistant allows for work in clerical, administrative, clinical and specialized clinical work. Ultimately this certification shows that the certified medical assistant is a versatile worker that can perform a wide variety of duties.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Certified Medical Assistant?

More trust and responsibilities are given to those that are certified medical assistants. In fact, because of the level of skill and knowledge required to be a certified medical assistant, many employers do not hire anyone that is not a certified medical assistant. Certified medical assistants act as a halfway point between physicians and patients. Some of these medical assistants can be found performing the necessary administrative work that keeps a practice running smoothly. These duties can include creating electronic patient records, scheduling appointments, and handling insurance claims. Beyond the administrative aspect of their responsibilities, some certified medical assistants may be found assisting the physician directly with a number of different duties like sterilizing instruments, disposing of contaminated materials, preparing rooms for patient care, conducting patient interviews, recording medical information and test results, as well as recording vital signs.

What Are Some Characteristics of a Successful Certified Medical Assistant?

Successful medical assistantsce are those that have people skills. This prized commodity is especially required in an industry where people are prone to being upset, unwell, or just generally feeling lousy. Medical assistants need to be able to maintain a positive attitude while showing compassion to patients. Medical assistants need to be able to handle the mood swings of both patients and physicians and staff while maintaining professionalism when situations become stressful.

Good medical assistants are able to multitask and do more than one thing at a time. Because some medical assistants may be used in a more administrative role, this skill is very important when considering they may be called upon to juggle between answering calls, registering patients, and instructing patients on treatment and care procedures all at the same time.

What Are the Educational Requirements of a Certified Medical Assistant?

It goes without saying that being a certified medical assistant requires a two-year degree from an accredited school. Accreditation is a key point because of the vast number of programs available at traditional schools and through online programs offering education and training in the skills necessary to be a medical assistant. Accreditation ensures that the right skills for the job are taught and that candidates are proficient in those skills.  Beyond the two-year associate’s degree program, candidates hoping to be a certified medical assistant must take the Certified Medical Assistant exam from the AAMA.  Once this exam is passed, the certification will last for 60 months, after which candidates are expected to either retest or recertify through continuing education courses.