There is no shortage of career paths for a student to select from.  From engineering to accounting, you’ll have your choice of career paths.  The medical field holds one of the greatest allures for most, and for good reason.  Few career choices hold as many advantages as the medical industry does.  You’ll have no shortage of careers in the medical field, either.  Earning a medical assistant degree is one option that you shouldn’t overlook when deciding how to enter the medical field.  Whether you’re a young student trying to decide where to take your future or an adult looking for a career change, becoming a medical assistant is a great choice.  Here are nine reasons why.

  1. Job Security – The future is bright in the medical assisting field, and it is projected to be one of the fastest growing jobs through 2014.  Physician’s offices, hospitals, universities, and other institutions all have a growing need for medical assisting professionals.  In other words, you’ll never need to worry about having a job when you earn your medical assistant degree.
  2. Salary – While not as much as some other medical professionals, you can still earn a higher than average salary with a medical assisting degree in your hand.  And your wages could increase depending upon just where you work.
  3. Benefits – Working in the medical field in any profession will come with a large number of benefits, and this applies to a medical assistant as well.  With vacation time, sick days, medical insurance, and other benefit packages the norm in the health care field, a medical assisting position will give you numerous benefits that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.
  4. Short Training – Most people assume that entering the medical field will take many years, but earning a medical assistant degree takes little time.  Most medical assistants complete their training in one to two years, but some schools may offer programs that allow you to enter the field in even less time.  If you’re looking for a quick entrance into the job field there are few options better than this.
  5. Hours – Most people dream of having weekends and evenings off, and it’s pretty easy to achieve this as a medical assistant.  Since many of the positions available to those with a medical assisting degree are in physician’s offices, you’ll likely work normal hours.  Of course, hospitals, nursing homes, and other employers may have different needs, but in general you can find a job that has hours that work for you.
  6. Career Advancement – Holding down a job as a medical assisting professional is a great way to enter the medical field.  You’ll have numerous skills that you can use as a foundation for your career path.  On the job experience combined with further training will let you build upon your medical assistant degree and advance your career down any path you choose.  You can enter the administration or care portion of the health care field.
  7. Pride – Few things feel as good as knowing that you help people each and every day.  A career as a medical assistant lets you provide care to those who need it, something that will help you feel better about yourself and your job.
  8. Options – This was touched on in the first point, but worth expanding on.  With a medical assisting degree you’ll be able to select just what type of employment you really want.  Nursing homes, hospitals, and private practices all have different advantages and disadvantages and you’ll be able to work at any of them.  And no matter where you travel to, you’ll be able to find work.
  9. Online Options – There are a number of online programs designed to let you earn a medical assistant degree either partially or entirely over the internet, making it easier than ever to advance your career.

As you can see, becoming a medical assistant offers numerous advantages that help explain why so many people are choosing to enter this profession.