With the medical industry continuing to grow while other job markets shrink, entering the medical field is becoming the best way to ensure your financial future.  There are numerous ways to enter this exciting field, each with numerous advantages and disadvantages.  Earning a medical assistant degree is quickly growing in popularity for a number of different reasons.  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not medical assisting is the right field for you, here are fifteen reasons why you might want to give it serious consideration.

  1. Education Speed – Compared to other jobs in the medical field, earning a medical assisting degree is lighting quick.  In some cases you can earn your degree within nine months, while those looking to specialize or gain more education will want to enroll in a more traditional two year plan.  Either way, you can enter the medical field quickly as a medical assistant.
  2. Salary – While you won’t be earning as much as a registered nurse or some other medical professionals, your salary will still be higher than some medical workers and well above the national average.
  3. Benefits – Working in the health industry usually comes with numerous employment benefits.  Insurance, paid sick days, holidays, and other perks are usually available to a medical assistant.
  4. Job Security – The medical assisting field is expected to grow by more than thirty percent over the next few years, ensuring that you can find employment no matter where you live in the country.
  5. Pride – The knowledge that you’ve helped others heal when sick or injured can fill you with a sense of pride and self-worth that few other occupations can match.  As a medical assistant you’ll get the opportunity to help people each and every day.
  6. Advancement – Earning your medical assistant degree is just the first step.  As you gain on the job experience you’ll be more likely to land promotions and advancement.  Your career can go nowhere but up.
  7. Variety of Employment Opportunities – A medical assisting degree will qualify you to work in a wide range of medical institutions.  Physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, hospice care, and home health institutions are just some of the places you can find employment after you graduate.
  8. Certification Opportunities – Earning accreditation as a medical assistant is a straightforward and easy matter and if you take the time to do so you’ll be able to find even better job opportunities and higher pay.
  9. Broad Skill Set – Earning a medical assisting degree qualifies you to work in ambulatory settings and gives you clinical and administrative skills.  From the front desk to the exam rooms, you’ll have more skills than most entry level medical workers will.
  10. Variety – Those skills mean that each day could hold new and exciting challenges.  You could draw blood, perform x-rays, file insurance forms, make appointments, give injections, and more.
  11. Specialization – If you choose, you can specialize in the medical assisting field.  You could specialize in a number of different areas such as becoming a podiatric medical assistant.  This could find you working as an assistant in surgeries and other procedures.
  12. Continued Education – Your medical assistant degree will give you a solid foundation to build your education on.  You can earn an income while you further your degree.
  13. New Developments – Likewise, your certification will need to be renewed every sixty months.  This will ensure that you get to stay abreast of all the latest medical advancements.
  14. Patient Interaction – Meeting new patients can be a rewarding, fulfilling, and fun experience.  You’ll meet and interact with each patient when you work as a medical assistant.
  15. Challenge – Each day at work will be a new chance to learn medical techniques and broaden your skills.  With challenges waiting each day you’ll likely never grow bored with your career as a medical assistant.