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Top Medical Assistant Programs

top_medical_assistant_programs Generally, medical assistants work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Although duties may vary according to their place of work, medical assistants usually take care of  administrative, clerical and clinical tasks such as scheduling appointments, helping with examinations, blood preparation, recording patient history and information, and recording vital signs. Professionals with a diploma, certificate, or associate’s degree may find that employers are more inclined to hire and train them.   In today’s economy, the decision to enroll in a medical assistant program can be a difficult one. Potential students have the challenge of balancing their choices with the benefits of available choices as well as the cost, and overall program length. While many traditional technical institutes and community colleges offer programs, a number of programs have established a growing online presence. Indeed, the convenience of an online program can help students save a significant amount of money while living anywhere they can or please.

If you’re not sure where to begin your search for affordable, quality programs, we have ranked the top ten medical assistant schools in terms of best value for education and affordability. The main difference in prices comes from whether students want to graduate with a certification, a diploma, or an associate’s degree. While a diploma or certification takes less time and can get you into the work force right away, an associate’s degree can open doors and allow for more upward mobility. An associate’s degree also reduces the overall amount of needed credits if you choose to continue with a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s will also qualify you for quicker upward movement within your profession.

Aspiring medical assistants have many different training options from which to choose. State exams and other requirements may apply. Most medical assistant programs can be completed in a relatively quick time. Junior, community, and technical colleges or vocational schools often offer programs that can be completed in two years or less.

Online Diploma Programs

Students have the option of obtaining training online via online trade or vocational schools. These programs typically last 12-t8 months, with some schools offering training in as little as 8 months. Students receive the training they need through self-paced study and real-time, online communication with professors and peers. Admissions generally require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Online Associate Degrees in Medical Assisting

The online AAS medical assistant degree can typically be earned in four semesters (two years) for full-time students. Coursework includes an estimated 65 credits, with 50 credits toward core medical assisting courses and 15 credits toward general electives. Students that obtain the associate degree in medical assisting can immediately enter the workforce. With an AAS in medical assisting, students are eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination as well as the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) examination. Medical assistants with an online associate degree from an accredited institution often see top-level earnings and are prepared for other certifications that make them more marketable for attaining more lucrative jobs and positions.

Best Online Medical Assistant Programs for 2016

#1 Harrison College – A.A.S in Medical Assisting

 harrison college - medical assistant schoolsHarrison College has over 5,000 students in the United States and internationally.They have increased their specializations to include the health sciences, veterinary technology, criminal justice, and informational technology. Their highly regarded medical assistant program is a 2 year, 96 credit program that prepares students to become a highly employable M.A by providing education and proficiency in office procedures, laboratory tests, administering medication, vital signs, ECG machine training, etc. Their mission statements include excellence, service, compliance, and are known for a student centered.

#2 Kaplan University – Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting

online_medical_assistant_programs_kaplan_universityKaplan’s Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting program is accredited by the Commision on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs . It includes three different clinical  courses that prepare students for all medical assisting responsibilities. They also offer an on-campus activity for those looking to get into their certificate program (only available to residents of Iowa, Maryland, and Nebraska). Students  will appreciate the value of the Kaplan.

#3 Ultimate Medical Academy – Associate of Science – Medical Administrative Assistant

ultimate_medical_assistant_academyUMA Medical Assistant associate degree program can be completed between 61-96 weeks (60 total semester credits). All of the offered courses are online and are each five weeks in length – which can allow students to study full time and graduate rather quickly. They also offer alumni support after you graduate, to help find a job easier.

#4 Rasmussen College – Medical Administration Assist. Associate’s Degree

rasmussen_college_medical_assistant_programRasmussen College’s program is not only regionally accredited by the HLC, it also offers a unique online and campus-based option for select locations. Their M.A. associate’s degree offers a total of 90 degree credits – 32 general ed. and 58 Major + Core credits.  They also offer a ‘tuition lock’ which is just like it sounds – your tuition will not increase from enrollment to graduation. Their placement rate is a whopping 82%.

#5 Fortis College – Associate of Applied Science – Medical Administrative Assistant

medical_assistant_schools_fortis_collegeFortis College Online is an educational leader in medical assisting. Fortis College made our list for  holding several accreditation statuses. They employ a Student Services team that supports each and every student’s needs. In addition, their Medical Assistant program is fully online, which offers a high degree of flexibility to enrolled students. Their support continues after graduation. Their career services department assists graduating students in their job search by contacting prospective employers and matching students with appropriate career opportunities and marketing their resumes. Their M.A. program is designed to teach students all clerical, customer, and office administration applications necessary to become an outstanding medical assistant.

#6 Keiser University – Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration

Keiser_university_online_medical_assistant_programKeiser University is a state-of-the-art college that is accredited by the SACSCOC. It offers many different degrees and certifications that are in high  demand. They have high student reviews and ratings across America. They  house a team of faculty to help students find the right placement after graduation. Their M.A. program consists of 24 credit hours of Health Administration, and 36 credit hours of GE courses.

#7 Westwood College – Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting

westwood_college_medical_assistant_program_onlineWestwood College offers an excellent online  program that will help you prepare for a successful career. This program  includes coursework that will teach you all you need to know about the medical office. One of the best online medical assisting programs, it provides an externship to help you gain some hands-on experience. You can also earn a medical assisting diploma through Westwood College.

#8 San Joaquin Valley College – Associate of Science (A.S.) in Medical Assisting

sjvc_medical_assistant_program_onlineSan Joaquin Valley College has been helping students qualify for high demand jobs for 35 years. They have two different types of medical assistant training. Their certificate level medical assisting program (CMA) gives students the minimal training to work for a doctors office, emphasizing  clinical office tasks and procedures. They also offer an associate of science degree  that give graduates a title of ‘Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant (CAMA). This is  more advanced program, with a higher level of training and increased flexibility working in both the front and back of medical offices. Their job placement rates are 61% (Certificate) and 68% (Degree).

#9 Ross Medical Education Center – Medical Assistant Program

medical_assistant_programs_online_ross_medical_centerRoss Medical Education Center’s medical assisting program makes the list because the school specializes in medical education. The faculty here is professional and experienced in the healthcare industry, so students learn from the best. This program also provides externships for real-world experience.

#10 Penn Foster College – Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting

penn_foster_medical_assistant_programs_onlinePenn Foster College provides its students with a quality education at an affordable price. The school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council since 1957, so your degree will be legitimate and highly regarded. This medical assisting program makes the list because it includes excellent healthcare courses as well as medical law and ethics

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